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Shed bias, while you still can

John Neri has allowed his publication to fall into the partisan trap that holds the truth hostage to the conclusions it wants to push.

  • 12/29/2016
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Shed bias, while you still can

Like a "holy innocent," John Nery can still be redeemed.

In a column praised by his publication's supporters, the opinion editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, John Nery, argues that we must criticize President Duterte because the war on drugs kills due process and other institutions, including truth.

In spite of his paper's obvious bias which we are sure this US trained journalist will dispute, they will persist in mouthing off statements without any sensitivity to the fact that every biased word written by his paper is part of its subtle conditioning of its readers against the drug war, eventually leading to an acceptance of the presence of the ruthless drug trade.

Let's not be naive here. 

This is something he should guard against lest he and his paper lose whatever respect and revenue it can still earn.

The opinion editor premised his call to criticize Duterte solely on his glaring disapproval of the President's war on drugs as if it was the only engagement he entered. 

He fails to mention the various other initiatives worth mentioning and evaluating, even criticizing. Was his publication, then, the culprit of the bias?

That said, criticize Duterte for failing to make this country more democratic, that is, to take away the fetters-crime, drugs and corruption- that have hobbled our institutions, captured and transformed them into agents of their evil principal- the greed and hatred for the common Filipino.

But to challenge the very war he is waging to destroy these obstacles and you risk become a fetter as well. 

His publication's avowed bias is a threat to its own credibility which ought to be secured by two virtues: sincerity and decency, which transalte to fairness and accuracy. Because bereft of these, we have hypocrisy. 

Thus, as Holy Innocents Day will have passed by the time this piece is read, we only pray that God grants John Nery more common sense. After all, his decency and sincerity can still be redeemed.