Leila's hubris and PNoy's folly

Was it not odd that in spite of repeated "raids" in the prisons she had authority over, she was never sacked by the Daang Matuwid government?

  • 02/19/2017
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Leila's hubris and PNoy's folly

And so it has come to pass.  Erstwhile justice secretary turned Senator Leila De Lima has been charged for violations of our drug laws.  
Is she guilty? 
Well, to be charged means that after a long review of the evidence, the people represented by the government decided that there is a prima facie case and that it can prove beyond reasonable doubt that she indeed is liable for the crimes she is charged with.
So far all the evidence points to the need to try her.  If she can prove that she is not guilty,  then she should be set free.  If proven guilty,  the public must have justice.  Dura Lex Sed Lex. 
For now,  let the trial proceed.  Let her have her day in court. Public sentiment demands a trial,  and begs her to prove her innocence.
More than proving whether or not she actually snorted drugs or traded them by way of the Bilibid cartel she herself claims to have discovered and tried to,  yet apparently failed to destroy,  the bigger issue is how she became PNOYs justice secretary to begin with. 
Can you imagine how the Human Rights commissioner of Pnoy's sworn opponent he called corrupt could immediately be hired as justice secretary? Who backed her up? Seems like she should be the last person the new government would have tried to retain.  Surely the Liberal Party had a hundred other people to fill the justice post. 
Again, who backed her up? The Filipino people need to know.  
Because the druglords she is accused of protecting are known to be able to buy and exert the strongest influence in government,  media,  and practically every locus of power just to protect the billions they make manufacthring and selling shabu. They can make sure a justice secretary (who they like) takes power-and stays there. 
Was it not odd that in spite of repeated "raids"  in the prisons she had authority over, she was never sacked by the Daang Matuwid government? 

Was it not wierd that former President Aquino, who appointed her in spite of her ties with GMA, never took action against her? He never took her to task. And for such a glaring lack of responsibility, that leaves him under the same suspicious cloud. Such folly. 
All these bear a deeper look, while her cocky confidence can now only meet its match.  Hubris hurts. 
Perhaps now we will know the deeper truths we haven't yet heard.