Classy creations on a plate

What started out as a hole-in-the-wall in Cagayan de Oro City has evolved into a hearty fusion cafe, bringing global tastes to its home city for almost twenty years. It now has branches all over the Visayas and Mindanao.

Many say that it’s the "Fridays" of the South. But it’s definitely more than that, as it melds cultures in tasteful and playful ambience. Think “sinuglaw" with a twist, that ticky wacky chicken salad, and baby back ribs. 

Dishes like these are the stuff that make a family lunch something to look forward to. They have gone beyond the usual favorites to reinvent the menu with a melange of dishes many can afford.

For this dining episode, we tried the restaurant’s new dishes: the blossoming spinach dip and the poke salad. 

The spinach dip is the perfect appetizer, playing with your tongue yet light enough not to fill you. Gooey cheese infused with spinach over melba toast—that’s something great to do with old bread.

The tuna poke salad is a great fusion of the fresh and the flavorful. Mindanao lettuce, fresh tuna chunks, mango cucumber and spring onions in a Japanese sesame dressing—the island sophistically laid out on a ceramic plate.

It leaves you not just filled in a healthy way, but makes you proud that an island’s offerings can be tastefully fused into a global dish worthy of a master chef entry.

Both dishes do not disappoint. Neither will their other offerings both old and new.  

Neither does Bigby's.