DOF Economic Bulletin on the November 2018 Inflation Outlook

· The month-on-month price increase in November is seen at 0.07%, further down from the 0.25% registered in October. This means that inflationary momentum continues to weaken.

· Year-on-year average price increase in November may have eased to 6.3%, down from 6.7% in October.

· This easing in inflationary momentum comes from both the decline in prices of food and non-food commodities. Rice and vegetables record big declines while meat and fish continue their upsurge.

· The increase in electricity prices for November was offset by the sustained rollbacks in petroleum and LPG prices.

· The biggest increase comes from tobacco products—at 1.64% MOM and 30.62% YOY. Net of tobacco products, MOM inflation would have been -1.5% and YOY, 6.0%.