App launched to help patients set doctors appointments

Waiting too long for your doctor to show up? A new app designed to set online appointments has been launched in Davao City.

The app, called HiDOk, enables patients to set doctors appointments with their chosen physicians ahead of time, enabling them to set correct schedules and avoid the hassle of lining up for hours to wait for doctors to arrive at their clinic.

Hidok is the brainchild of Davao based nurses Aljabier Sankigay and Vic Cabatbat. The online application targets those living in the rural areas who may nee to make long trips to the cities to see their doctors.

" We thought of designing this app to help patients like our relatives who sometimes have to fly to Manila or Cebu or take a long trip to Davao to consult or seek treatment from specialists," Sangkigay explains.

Originally from Maguindanao where he now owns a small hospital, Sangkigay knows the difficulty of going to clinics only to sometimes find out that the doctors are on vacation or are unavailable for consultation, forcing patients to spend more time or stay in hotels just to wait for the doctors` availability.

For his part Cabatbat, who also runs a heavy equipment rental business, knows that wiating in long lines for doctors appointments wastes a lot of time. "The app will at least let us know when to set an appointment, allowing us to do other things before or after to maximize our time in the city," he says.

For now, they say, the app is free for both doctors and patients. It may be downloaded as a web or movile app at

The mother company, also called Hidok incorporated aims to `Modernize healthcare in the country by providing affordable access to an efficient electronic medical recording tool for physicians.

Hidok already manages a service that keeps online medical records of patients and doctors on a subscription basis. This makes sure that patients needing constant care can access their records in time for immediate treatment by other physicians or specialists.