PASTIL QUEEN`s time has come

Those of you who have lived in southern Mindanao and Cotabato cities are more than familiar with pastil.

Pastil is a handful of boiled rice topped with savoury chicken flakes called KAGIKIT and wrapped in a banana leaf. similar to the Tagalog "binalot." It is a Maguindanaon delicacy and consumed in most parts of Mindanao. 

Once available only in market stalls and sidewalks of Cotabato, Pastil and its main ingredient the chicken Kagikit is now available in jars and foil packs under the brand name Pastil Queen. 

The product is the brainchild of davao-based food technologist and entrepreneurs Rovie and Brendan Aguilar.

Rovie, who grew up in Cotabato City, once worked as a food technologist at local food manufacturing companies while Brendan also worked as a process engineer in a softdrink company. They now use their expertise in food manufacturing to make and market pastil queen products. 

You can order your pastil queen direct through their facebook page The jars of spicy and non spicy kagigit retail for 180 pesos each while the pasil wrapped rice sells for 25 pesos.