Indak-indak sa Kadalanan: A Colorful Tribute to Tribal Culture
Editors Note: Indak Indak sa Kadalanan is a streetdance competition highlihting tribal culture, one of the highlights of Davao`s Kdayawan festival. Resurgent contributor Reicza Olojan gives us her first person reflection on this colorful event.

I`ve been living in Davao City since 2005, but I always chose to ignore the Kadayawan Festival. This year, I sought to change that and enjoy the festivities personally. One of the main highlights of Kadayawan that captured my attention is the Indak-indak sa Kadalanan which means `street dancing`. So on August 18, the day of Indak-Indak, Denver (my bf and photographer) and I set out early to get good spots to view the event.

Locals and tourists alike flooded the streets to support their friends or relatives, or maybe to simply enjoy the festivities. Upon arrival, we had to wait at Kadayawan Square (San Pedro St.) for the participants to arrive from their parade which began at Kadayawan Circle (Roxas St). A huge cheer went up when they finally arrived, and the program officially began. The hosts were jovial, and warmly welcomed everyone to the 33rd Kadayawan Festival. The host called it the "biggest Kadayawan" ever with full social media coverage of all events, with live coverage which the viewers can access through Facebook and the Kadayawan app.

I had the liberty to simply watch and appreciate the event as Denver took photos of the dancers. It gave me chills watching the performers. Their faces reflected both exhaustion and determination: the hours spent on rehearsals visibly took a toll on them, yet they were determined to win the competition. Their pride in performing in Kadayawan was evident in their smiles. Every performance was spectacular, coupled with colorful props and coordinated choreography. It was surreal watching them up close, because you can see each person doing his/her best to win the competition. It was both an individual and team effort; everyone must perform well to ensure that they`ll win the competition.

In the end, Davao City National High School emerged victorious for the Davao City- School Based Category, and Mati National Comprehensive High School for the Open Category.

Photo Credits: Denver Langahin