Has the left weakened itself?
A photo circulated by netizens lampoons Communist Party Jose Maria Sison in response to his claim that President Duterte is in a coma. The President went live on Facebook Monday night, dispelling rumors spread by Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison that he is in coma. (CTTO)

Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison`s recently debunked, outrageous claim that President Duterte is in a coma only shows how detached and desperate he and the left is to inject themselves into current philippine political discussions.

From failing to get government to jumpstart peace negotiations with their leaders, and unable to stop its regional units from engging localized peace talks or surrendering altogether, the Philippine left has now become a shadow of its old self. It no longer commands public attention on its core advocacies, falling into the trap of sensless tit for tat.

A quick look at the last two years shows how far out of the political mainstream they have become. Save for the usual rallies, any discussion on the left almost always has to do with the attention given to it by the President. Absent any presidential comment on them, they have largely reduced themselves to a bit player in Philippine politics.

The forays into national prominence via the Duterte cabinet, and eventually leaving it via the non confirmation by the Commission on Appointments show two things: a weakness in playing with political big boys and an incapability to deliver with the right impact to overcome the inability to play politics and at keast push wider public support for their stay in government. This has diminished their politcal stock and revealed many weaknesses.

All their spicy rhetoric in street rallies were not translated into the kind of high impact programs we expected at the DSWD, PCUP and Department of Agrarian Reform that they had the opportunity to helm. This gave the people a glimpse of their capabilities, and many were underwhelmed.

Listening to them blow their tired rhetoric, the debunked Joma Sison claim of a Duterte coma is a self inflicted wound that debases them from once credible issue based advocates to mere monkeys in a political sideshow, trying, yet failing to attract a wider public that finds them, sadly, even less credible than before.

This is Philippine left Commentator Rafael Liwanag`s take on the recent claim of President Duterte`s death by Communist Party founder Jose Maria Sison. The views expressed by the contributing author do not necessarily reflect those of the publishers- ed.