Mindanao Support for federalism soars- Pulse Asia survey

Filipino polling firm Pulse Asia released the latest results showing an 18 point rise in support for federalism among Mindanao residents, with those in favor nationwide rising by 1 point.

In its latest Ulat ng Bayan Survey on Charter Change posted on its website, support for federalism among Mindanao residents hit 51 percent, up by 18 points from only 33 percent in the same survey results released last March. ( See screenshot).

Approval for federalism in the Visayas stayed at 34 while a 19 point drop was registered in Metro Manila, with a 1 point drop in the rest of Luzon. Over all, those in favor of federalism increased by 1 point while those not in favor decreased by 4 points.

Around 1,800 individuals were surveyed nationwide using face to face interviews rom June 15-21.