Here's some grapevine pickings:

1. Social media is abuzz with talk of the revelations about a lady senator's 12 offshore bank accounts denominated in Euros and Dollars.  Well, the lady senator's movements have been a bit limited for a few months, so, WHO do you think owns them?

2. A few readers have informed us that a revenue agency with extensive regional operations continues in its corrupt ways. They point to one of its offices in a major northern Mindanao city that will ask for "tongpats" via a bloated asessment. Guess which agency?

3. After President Duterte's tirade against the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN, reports emerged that a lady secretary whose siblings own one of these media corporations began making disparaging comments about a fellow government official. A reporter from a yellow newspaper called this a "word war." Was this a damage control measure to protect her, or ABS CBN?