Big brothers and their 3Ms models

When we launched the program Kapatid Angat Lahat back in August 2016, the idea was to call on our big brother companies to reach out to our small brothers, the MSMEs, and help them scale up. This system is what we call inclusive business models wherein MSMEs are linked to the value chains of bigger corporations. This initiative is part of the greater mission of Go Negosyo to help as many Filipinos as possible to scale up and be prosperous.

This then led to our programs anchored on the 3Ms – money, market and mentorship. We have developed successful programs on mentorship (Kapatid Mentor Me, Kapatid Agri Mentor Me and Mentor Me on Wheels), and we are also crafting our programs for money and market, which will provide better access and processes for our MSMEs while introducing digitalization.

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