SWS: Families Self-Rated as Poor decrease to record-low 42%

The First Quarter 2018 Social Weather Survey, done on March 23-27, 2018, found 42% (est. 9.8 million) of families considering themselves as Mahirap or Poor. This is 2 points below the 44% (est. 10.0 million families) in December 2017, and is similar to the record-low 42% in September 2016 [Chart 1, Table 1].

The proportion of Self-Rated Poor families stayed within the 44% to 50% range for the whole of 2017. It has been at 50% or below since September 2015.

The March 2018 survey also found 29% (est. 6.7 million) of families rating their food as Mahirap or Poor, termed by SWS as Food-Poor. This is 3 points below the 32% (est. 7.3 million) in December 2017, and is a new record-low since the 30% in September 2016 [Chart 2, Table 2].

This is the first time for Self-Rated Food Poverty to be below 30%.

The proportion of Self-Rated Food Poor families was 35% in March 2017 and 32% for the last three consecutive quarters of 2017. It has been at 35% or below since September 2015.


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