Young entrepreneurs concoct healthier alternatives to usual products

Agribusiness economics students from the University Philippines-Mindanao have recently come up with new products that have heretofore not existed in the market. These were first sold within the university, other schools in Davao City, and to various provincial outlets and trade fairs. The products were Four Seasons Fresh Juices, Mangchkins, Mang Taro, Mango Chutney, Mashmote, Nutri-pop and Upia.

The Four Season Fresh Juices are flavored with indigenous Ingredients and naturally extracted fruits. The students noted its "one-of-a-kind refreshing treat that consumers crave because they do not hesitate the benefit they can attain" from purchasing the product. 

A unique kind of dessert was also introduced. Mangchkins is from a combination of mango and munchkins. It comes with different flavors depending on its coating. 

Also, a classic kind of root crop, Karlang, also known as Taro, is  fried and consumed with flavors from salted, cheese, barbecue and sour cream. Nutritionists say that Taro improves the digestive system because it is rich in fiber that prevents constipation.

Nutrition is in fact one of the main concerns of the customers in purchasing the products.  Vitamin C, which strengthens one's immune system, is rich in green Mango that was utilized as a chief ingredient in making the chutney. The students even discovered another way of value-adding the product by creating a mango-based atchara,  a perfect appetizer to be served during meals. It has two variations: the green mango and the ripe one.

Challenging what consumers are used to in the market by letting them explore different products, the mango float-inspired dessert, Mashmote, or the Kamote float, is what they need.

A new taste of sweetness that is also timely in summer, Nutri-pop is the key to beat the heat. It is an ice candy with two flavors:  Squash and Cocoa Tablea. It is not your garden-variety ice candy, coconut milk being one of the ingredients..

Presenting new flavors do attract more consumers and that is what  UPia, or UP’s version of Hopia, delivers to give superior value to consumers. Modifying a Hopia by using Matcha and Onion filling allows consumers to better appreciate healthier alternatives to other mass-produced products.

[Photo: UP BS Agribusiness Economics Students Participating in Agribiz Expo 2018]