PPP projects gets boost with Normin PPP Center Launch

The government’s Build Build Build infrastructure initiative in Northern Mindanao received a boost with the launching Thursday of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center Knowledge Corner at the regional office of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).

NEDA had previously said it expects Cagayan de Oro to become the Philippines’ fourth metropolitan center after Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao by 2025.

“We acknowledge the priorty programs and projects listed in our Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) from 2017-2022 cannot be sourced from government coffers alone,” said NEDA-X Regional Director Leon M. Dacanay, Jr. during the program launch. 

 “Partnering with the private sector is another option which the region is eager to pursue in support of the implementation of capital investment targets worth P749.08-billion,” he added.

Dacanay said the PPP corner would widen the dissemination of information about the PPP scheme especially among local government units (LGUs), particularly its advisory and technical services now these are within easy reach of its clients and stakeholders.

“We look forward to the preparation and implementation of more PPP proposals and projects, especially those focused on Mindanao such as water supply, septage/sewerage, schools and hospitals, among others,” he noted.

In his presentation following the corner’s launch, PPP Executive Director Ferdinand A. Pecson said there are now seven PPP projects at the local levl in the pipeline ranging from water, solid waste management, energy, and public markets. 

The PPP Center is currently providing its technical assistance for these PPP LGUs projects.

“This is a new pipeline that we are building. PPPs at the local level remain a considerable part of the PPP program where we hope to gain more traction and have PPPs address the vast infrastructure needs of the regions,” Pecson said.

Pecson identified these projects as the P128 million Cagayan De Oro Septage Management Project; Los Baños Public Market Project (P110 million); Baggao Water Supply Project (P84.22 million), Quezon City Waste-to-Energy-Project (P16.56 billion); Pampanga Bulk Water Supply Project (P16.7 billion) and the Cebu City Solid Waste Management Project and General Santos Public Market Project whose project costs are yet to be determined.

The Cagayan de Oro Septage Management Project being implemented by the Cagayan de Oro City Water District has already been approved for procurement under a solicited contractual joint venture scheme. 

This PPP project involves the finance, design, construction, and operation of a septage management facility for Cagayan De Oro City. The project pre-feasibility study was prepared by United States Agency for International Development under the Be Secure Project. The project concession period will be for 25 years.

Three of these seven PPP projects are under development, meaning their completed projects studies are undergoing review or studies. These include the Cebu City Solid Waste Management Project, the Los Baños Public Market Project, and the General Santos Public Market Project.

Developing PPPs at the local level is an ongoing strategy of the PPP Center to deliver the various infrastructure needs of the regions and help local governments deliver better services and improve the lives of Filipinos in the countryside.

[Photos: NEDA-X RD Leon Dacanay Jr., PPP Center Exec Dir Ferdinand Pecson and Engr. Modesto Babaylan cut the ribbon for the PPP Knowledge Corner at the NEDA-X Office 05 April 2017 (RMB, NPN); PPP Center Director Frances Yani Domingo fields questions from LGUs and other participants following the launching of the PPP Knowledge Corner in NEDA-X office, Cagayan de Oro City.]