Naga garden is the go to place for mami and fried sopiao

Old timers from Naga city in Camarines Sur know where to go for Mami and that unique Naga creation: baked siopao. Naga Garden's main restaurant is on Panganiban street in the Naga "centro", with a branch at the SM City serves the famous snack. Trying it, we found it to be filling and reasonable.

We also tried the chicken asado mami, a hearty noodle soup made with miki , chicken strips and pork asado cubes. It it more than your usual noodle soup, and holds its own against the samens and samyuns that are very popular. 

As with most restaurants in bicol, Naga Garden also serves authentic bicolano food like Laing, Kinunot and other dishes of Chinese descent. It is also conservative and tries its best to be true to the old, authentic flavor that filled many Naga residents for almost 50 years. Expect no fusion here. But it is good. Homey good. 

If you do visit Naga, look for the Naga garden, be sure to buy some siopao to take home.