Message on the NCCC Mall fire

From Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on the NCCC Mall fire:

Our thoughts and prayers to the families and friends of the 37 missing persons of the New City Commercial Center (NCCC) fire in Davao City yesterday.

As per the City Government of Davao, the missing persons include, as reported by their relatives:

1. Jessica Solis 2. Gantioco Celestial Jr 3. Ian Kiem Adlawan 4. Regine Generales 5. Christen Joy Garzon 6. Apple Jane Celades 7. Iana Apalacio 8. Jonas Basalan 9. Jim Benedict Quimsing 10. Kurtchin Angela Bangoy 11. Mary Joy Daluro 12. Randy Balcao 13. Rosyl Montanez 14. Missy Rose Artiaga 15. Analiza Penarejo 16. Christine Joy Ferraren 17. Ivan Roble 18. Christine Alviola 19. Alexandra Moreno Castillo 20. Hongijangjian- family not interviewed 21. Desiree Gayle Zacarias 22. Jesseca Samontina 23. Mary Louielyn Bongcayao 24. Nancy Loyd Abad 25. Jeffrey Sismar 26. Johani Matundo 27. Joyne Pabelonia 28. Elyn Joy Yorsua 29. Shiela Mae Bacaling 30. Lister Jade Entera 31. Charlyn Liwaya 32. Mikko Demafeliz 33. Roderick Antipuesto 34. Rhenzi Nova Muyco 35. Roderick Constantinopla 36. Venus Joy Kimpo 37. Janine Joy Obo

The President went unannounced last night to the NCCC Mall and assured the relatives of the victims that the government would extend help. The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) is currently determining the cause of the fire and the extent of the damage. Let us include them in our prayers in this moment of grief.

[Photo courtesy of Davao City Hall]