Weed out the gaming industry of " undesirables" and illegal gaming operations-gaming group


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The Accredited Service Providers Association of PAGCOR (ASPAP), an umrella organization of accresited contractors called on government and the public to crackdown on illegal online gaming operations to "weed out the industry of undesirables."

Atty. Margarita Gutierrez, Accredited Service Providers of PAGCOR (ASPAP) spokesperson, announced the group’s move to create a task force to assist police in tracking down illegally operating online gaming in the country.

The decision was reached on the heels of several arrests of foreign nationals allegedly involved in illegal online activities.

Earlier, the ASPAP lauded authorities for similar arrests in Makati and Paranaque, stressing that they do not “condone, abet, or tolerate any form of these illegal operations” as they are prejudicial to the interest of legitimate Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO).

Gutierrez also emphasized that the group is duly compliant with governmental requirements and certifications while faithfully following the laws and regulations governing legitimate business operation.

 “We will not sit idly by while our authorities do the work to end illegal online gaming. ASPAP is forming a task force that will actively support the government’s campaign against illegals,” Gutierrez added.

Among others, she said the task force will coordinate with law enforcers and concerned agencies to provide information that can help bring down illegal gaming operations.

“With our extensive network, we could prove to be an effective partner to stomp out illegal online gaming activities,” she stressed.

The government has allowed limited operation of POGO, subject to strict protocols, amid the enhanced community quarantine to generate much-needed revenues for its COVID-19 response programs.

ASPAP expressed gratitude for such decision as they vowed to comply with the parameters set by Malacanang, PAGCOR, and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF).

“ASPAP remains committed to support the country’s roadmap towards economic recovery from the crippling effects of the coronavirus pandemic and beyond,” Gutierrez concluded.

The group had likewise welcomed moves in Congress to fine-tune regulations, including tax policies, to strengthen the interdependence of all sectors to bring change for the better.


The government has stepped up its drive to collect the estimated 50 billion in taxes owed by several POGO operators.  For POGO licensees and operators,  the Burea of Internal Revenue (BIR) has

required the submission of the following documentary requirements for POGOs wishing to reopen following their temporary 

closure due to COVI-19: [1] Copy of Application for Registration of Corporations, et al. duly received by the concerned RDO (BIR Form No. 1903) or BIR Certificate of Registration (COR), if already

registered; [2] Copies of Franchise Tax Returns (BIR Form No. 2553) for the taxable quarters of 2019 and 1st quarter of 2020 together with proof of payments;  [3] Copies of Monthly Remittance Form for

Income Taxes Withheld (BIR Form Nos. 1601C and 0619-E and F), Quarterly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld (BIR Form 1601-EQ and FQ) or Payment Form (BIR Form No. 0605) for January

to April, 2020; and [4] Notarized Undertaking to pay all tax arrears for prior years.